About me

I started needle turn appliqué in 1996, a neighbour introduced me to it and it was love at first stitch. Of course I have also done machine piecing and hand piecing but my comfort zone is needle turn.

I started designing and making quilts about 10 years ago, at a very very small scale, maybe one quilt a year ( and a small one at that) but in the past 5 years I picked up the pace and the ideas are flowing.

Reproduction quilts or fabrics were foreign to me until Kaye from Needles and Pins ask me to work at the shop. At first it didn’t do anything to me, too murky, but Kaye gave me a bright pack of repro fabrics and I was fascinated. Since I have been working with repro fabrics but it has to be bright, and I don’t stick to only reproduction fabricst, I just use the colours that appeal to me at the time I am making a quilt.

I love to learn new techniques, and try different styles, there are so many possibilities. And every year after I finished a quilt I wonder if I will find inspiration for the next one and sure enough a tile, or a bird in a tree  and I am ready to draw the next one……