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Let me introduce “Albertine”,inspired by French boutis( whole cloth completely reversible originated from Provence)

I was given some repro fabrics ( lucky for me it was “bright”), contemplated the pack for a while and found it would be perfect for a south of France inspired quilt.

Like in so many quilts women used a lot of symbols in boutis, such as flowers, birds, vases … . This one is inspired from some small quilts given to babies. The chosen motifs were to wish the newborn health, joy, patience and all good things you would like to wish for a child.

This one would be more for a girl than a boy, lots of flowers and pinks, but I have already picked the pattern and the fabrics for the boy’s quilt.

You can buy the pattern through “Needles and Pins” in Warrandyte.

Wholesalers and shops enquiries welcome

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