IMG_2526 whiter

I am happy to present Louis. It was inspired by some ceramics from 13th century that I saw in Barcelona and a beautiful quilt from the Shelburne Museum. And I found out I love making clamshells ….. I can feel another quilt with some of those.

In the meantime enjoy your day and happy sewing.



Nearly there ….

You know all those fabrics that you buy thinking it will be useful one day and that day never comes? Well I have been making rag rug (or toothbrush rug) and I am having a ball. All those fabrics that I didn’t want to part with it and I don’t have time to turn it into quilts . I still use the fabrics,  lots of it actually it is wonderful ( might have to buy more fabrics !)

Except for rugs I have nearly finished the next quilt ” Louis” …looks good, just a little bit more appliqué and I will post a picture.

In the meantime here is my first rug.IMG_1529


Talk to you soon,




Show and tell

Vic quilters show is over …. some lovely ideas, a lot of temptations and I loved the tea cosies, nearly started one ! It will have to wait. 

And I found some of the fabrics for the next big quilt. My fingers are itching to start but first things first I will finish my oriental quilt. I will keep you posted on that, it will give me an incentive.




New project

The centre is done, all the blocks around are not quite finished but it is looking good. Even my 11yr old son has told me he likes it. And I think I will call it Louis ….

In the meantime I am about to finish quilting my queen size disappearing 9 patch, and then I can tackle the next one from the pile !

The quilt show at Jeff’s Shed is on this week , I am looking forward to be inspired …..



There is always one

there is always one

The winter seem to have settled. The streets glitters under the light with all that rain, the air is filled with the nice scent of wood fire and for me, coming from Switzerland, it feels like if Christmas is just around the corner

So for once I indulged and made a whimsy Christmas project for all the Christmas in July .

Nancy Halvorsen’s gorgeous range “Let it snow” was too tempting and the colours just what the doctor ordered.

Have fun and e-mail me some pictures of your version.



little news

Where did the autumn go ? Winter has come early and with it all the nice soups and stews. I have excuses not to go into the garden, too wet and too cold and stay inside and work on more projects. For us down under something for Christmas in July or just to be on time for Christmas. Also a nice little quilt (so far) in which we can use all those bits and pieces …. and it has been approved (the name of the expert is Olivia)




Charlotte pattern

The AQC show is over but what a success. It was wonderful to be there and hear all the nice comments about Charlotte. There were even few jaws dropping … for us designers it is a great incentive. Thanks to all of you.

The pattern is currently available from Needles and Pins in Warrandyte  (see stockists) but I am looking for more retailers.charlotte 2It is back to the drawing board for me ( and the sewing machine) , I will keep you posted



P.S. you can go and have a look at the quilt in the shop  Needles and Pins in Warrandyte.


It has been a long time since the last news. But here it is, my latest pattern is on its way. The quilt is being quilted, I am writing the instructions and it will be released at the AQC Show in Melbourne on the 18th of April. I will be there too and hope to see some of you.

I will post a picture as soon as I have it back, but I can tell you now it was inspired by the King George coverlet , lots of circles, and a boutis from a wedding quilt of the same period. It is 2mt x 2mt ( I had to stop otherwise you would have a very large quilt), with a centre medallion and 24 circles. I am quite happy about it. I am looking forward to the comments.



Free pattern

Spain was beautiful, full of life and colours and I have enough inspiration to make dozens of quilts(just need the time …. My garden was on the wild side when I came back so I have spent some time weeding and planting.  I also made few miniature quilts and Christmas ornaments, lots of fun.

And here is a little treat for you for Christmas ( not fattening !!).

Enjoy it and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

The pattern can be found there : Fleurs Pattern