New amazing iPhone App !

Download and play with new iPhone App designed to help you with hard task of choosing fabrics for your new quilt. The beauty of this App is that you take pictures of existing fabrics, choose blocks from some 100 most used block designs and see an immediate result.

The App is also supported on the iPad.

Check it at the iTunes Store : Quilt Wizard on the app store.

Find instructions there : User Guide

8 Replies to “New amazing iPhone App !”

  1. I’m about to purchase your app and of all of the ones I have seen in the store, you’re has the perfect combo…
    Not too many reviews yet (NEW NEW NEW), but I am going to give it a shot!
    Pics directly into patterns? Fabulous!!!

  2. Just bought it. It is great but 3 drawbacks, can’t save it or email it or print it. Printing it would be great. Especially the block.

  3. Are hexagons included as one of the block designs? Is this something you would add in a future update, to be able to more easily design an english paper piecing quilt using hexagons?

    1. Probably next month. At least, export to the Photo Album which would allow to sync with the computer, print, or send via EMail. I hope to provide printing and sending by EMail anyway from within the App.

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