Heidi pattern


A small whimsical quilt, inspired by Eastern Europe’s paintings.

Machine piecing and appliqué with a dash of embroidery, and some circles.

Nice way of using some of the left over scraps from previous projects.



“Heidi” pattern inspired by traditional paintings.  Half square triangles frame a lovely vase of flowers. Plus you add a very unusual border and you have a unique wall hanging. The last border is one gorgeous piece of fabric, we all have one of those stashed away ready to be used on the perfect project.

The centre “Heidi” is needle turn appliqué with a touch of embroidery. You will master circles by the end of this project as well as half square triangles. It is a wonderful project to use all your little bits of fabrics to good to be thrown away.

You could or not extend it by adding more pieced units or by enlarging the pattern. It is a good project if you want to start exploring needle turn appliqué, machine piecing and circles !

“Heidi” pattern inspired by traditional paintings from the Eastern European will give that rustic charm to your project. A bit like a holiday.

Heidi pattern would make a wonderful centre in a large quilt, if you do so please send me a picture

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 0.5 cm