Le Jardin




Le Jardin is quilter’s favorite pattern. It’s big centre composed by birds, fruits and flowers all big pieces makes it tempting even for the beginners. A small border of dancing blocks around it gives it a lovely and discreet frame. And the explosion of vine and flowers with hidden strawberries as a final big border.

It is a fun quilt to make as the pieces are large. The small blocks can be done on the machine or by hand. As for the vine border you can let your imagination go wild with your choice of fabrics.

When first exhibited at a show a gentleman couldn’t stop looking at it.

The centre background is made out of 4 different fabrics all in the golden tones, and you can then play with your style of fabrics. This pattern will look good in any style. For the vine border I use a strong background print to give it some nice effect but in a more subtle fabric it looks nice too.

le Jardin is quilter’s favorite pattern from beginner to a more advance quilter, ideal to use a wide range of fabrics from reproductions to more modern style, its large pieces making it easy to needleturn.


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Weight 0.115 kg
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 0.5 cm