Pecking order


My first pattern about chooks, whimsical and funny.

Some appliqué either by hand or machine and windmill blocks.

Kids love it.



“Pecking order” pattern is a delightful quilt to make and all about chickens and their behaviour. And who is at the top of the pecking order. It is a fun quilt to make and to look at with that fresh touch.

How much do you like chicken ? I love them,  even more since we got some few  years ago. It kept my kids entertained and me creating. They are lovely birds with character and lots of personality.

While making “Pecking order” you might look chickens and their behaviour.  in a different way.

Easily done either using needle turn applique or machine applique, “Pecking order” pattern will delight any kids or grown up. An ideal project to use either a whole range of fabrics or just go scrappy. It would look nice in any style of fabrics.

“Pecking order ” pattern is a fresh and fun quilt to make, ideal weekend project and for a beginner, the pieces being large enough not to be daunting.

And if you would like to start another quilt with chicken The ChOok quilt is your next step.

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 0.5 cm