Pêle-Mêle… au revoir!




Pêle-Mêle is a sampler style quilt in which you can try your hand at a lot of different techniques. It is a sampler quilt with a lot of freedom.

You can explore embroidery, make one clamshell and decide that this technique is not for you. The same with other techniques such as appliqué, hand piecing, English paper piecing ( EPP), and much more. Soon you’ll find that you have enough clamshells to make a wall-hanging.

It is an excellent pattern to use all the big print fabrics, so hard to use sometimes it stays in the drawer or the cupboard for years.

The same with dollies, or tablecloth or table runner which have been in the treasure chest and never will be used again. Make some clamshells….

How many quilts have we started or part of it and put it aside because we didn’t like it anymore or realised it was going to be a huge task? Few more clamshells.

All the specific embroideries, appliqué, hand piecing and EPP patterns are included in each patterns, so all up there are more than 40 different ideas for you to play with. And that’s without counting your own ideas.

In this version of Pêle-Mêle the focus is on felt and embroidery

It should come with a warning :  clamshells are very addictive


Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 2 cm