Toujours Provence




“Toujours Provence” is a beautiful and timeless quilt. Its simplicity and the many different fabrics gives it the look and feel of an antique quilt.

It’s Sunflower blocks are hand pieced with some appliqué. And each block has a different background as well as combination of colours.

The centre is appliqué and the flowers are repeated in the corners but with some difference. And it matches the sunflower blocks with its circular composition.

The hearts blocks are using reverse appliqué as well as appliqué. And to keep its delicate look the stems of the branches are embroided.

The traditional vases in the corners frames beautifully the centre appliqué. Being inspire by boutis circles or dots are a must. But just enough for you to practice and perfect it.

And to add to the antique look the border uses scallops. A perfect way to finish a beautiful and timeless quilt.

To give “Toujours Provence” its beautiful and timeless look the use different fabrics is recommended. Which makes it  an ideal project to “destash” or use some small amount of fabrics. But the border will allow you to use that special large fabric put away just for the right quilt.

“Provence” is another simpler version but with the same beautiful feel of an antique quilt.

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 29 × 21 × 1 cm