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Quilt Wizard

iPhoneQuiltWizardQuilting Wizard is a mobile application which allows you to test fabrics for your quilt project while you are browsing at the shop or at a quilt show. It runs on iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

In this blog you will find all the hints that will help you to make the most of the application.

First select some fabrics for your quilt in the fabrics palette, and select blocks from the block library. Fill the blocks with fabrics. Place the blocks in the quilt grid. Go back to the block design to adjust the fabrics, and see an immediate effect in the quilt view. While you are at the shop, or at a quilt show, you can take pictures with the device camera and use the fabrics picture straight away in the design. You can also select fabrics from pictures in your photo library.

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User guide

The application is composed of four tabs :

  • Quilts design tab
  • Block Design tab
  • Fabrics selection tab
  • Photo tab

Quilts tab

When the application is launched for the first time, the quilt design starts with a default empty quilt of 4×6 blocks. Select the quilt to enter the Designer Wall. This view controls  are :

  • Options button on the top right navigation bar. Leads to the Quilt configuration View.
  • Choose Fabrics button on the bottom left. Leads to the Fabrics Palette View where you select your fabrics for the selected quilt.
  • Design Block on the bottom right. Leads you to the Block Design View where you select brand new  blocks to use for the selected quilt.

Once you have selected Fabrics and designed your first blocks, when you return to the Quilt View, the blocks appear in an horizontal scrolling view below the Quilt view.

Select one of the blocks in the block palette, it is now encased within a red frame. Tap any cell in the quilt grid, to fill the block at this position. Tapping again the same cell will erase the block at this same position.

Zoom in/out : You can zoom in and out the quilt view with the pinch gesture.

Options view : Tapping the options button leads to the quilt configuration, where you can

  • Adjust the size of the quilt
  • Outline the blocks as a visual aid
  • Add sashing to the quilt, with an adjustable size and selected fabrics

When you need to re-design a block, or create a new one, select the Block Design tab to go to the block design view. When you return back to the Quilts view after making the adjustments, the Quilt view shows immediately the changes, therefore giving you an immediate feedback.

To create a new Quilt project :

From the Quilt view, return to the Quilts table view by navigating back with the top left navigation button.

Use the + button on the top right navigation bar to add a new quilt in the table. Alternatively, tap the Edit button on the top left navigation bar. This sets the table in editing mode, so you can delete individual quilt projects, or add new projects by selecting the cell with the right + icon. Tap Done  to complete the editing.

Block Design Tab

The Block Design Tab allows navigation between three views :

  • The Block Palette table. This lists the blocks available for the current quilt.
  • The Quilting BLock design selection table, to select the block pattern when creating a new block for the quilt.
  • The Block Design View, to assemble the block with selected fabrics.

From the Block Palette table view, to add a new block : tap the + button on the top navigation bar right. This navigates to the Quilting Block design selection table. Choose a block in the list, the Block Design view shows up with the selected design. If you have not selected some fabrics yet, the button Choose Fabrics shows up. Navigates to the fabrics tab to choose fabrics. Once you have chosen a set of fabrics, when you go back to the Block Design view, the fabrics appear in the bottom horizontal scrolling view. Select a fabrics, it is now encased within a red frame. Tap a piece in the block, this fills it with the fabrics. Tap again the same position, this erases the fabrics.

To enhance the touch precision, when pieces on the screen are small, double tap the block design to zoom in. Double tap again to zoom out.

Use the top right button on the navigation bar to show the block transform tool (the icon is a down arrow). From the sliding menu,  you can choose to rotate the block by 90 degree steps clockwise, flip it, or duplicate it.

In the BLock Palette table view, the editing mode (edit button on the top left) allows you to delete a block, add a block and re-order the blocks in the palette.

Once you are satisfied with the block design, you can navigate to the Quilts view (Quilts tab), and assemble your quilt with the blocksyou have designed.

Fabrics Tab

The fabrics tab view has two modes, depending whether you have selected a quilt to design or not.

When you have selected a quilt, the Fabrics table displays checks in each fabrics cell. Checking a fabrics (a tick is shown) makes it available in the quilt fabrics palette. Unchecking the cell (the tick disappears) remove the fabrics from the quilt fabrics palette.

When no quilt have been selected (the Quilts tab is displaying the Quilts table view), the fabrics table does not show any check.

In the editing mode (edit button on the top left), you can delete fabrics. However, the delete icon (red minus sign) will show on the fabrics cell only if the fabrics is not selected in any of the quilts fabrics palette, and it is not used in any block design.

You can enter information for a fabrics by selecting the fabrics cell  right disclosure button.

Photo Tab

This is the place where you enrich your fabrics collection with new ones.

  • If your device has a built in camera, take a fabrics picture by hitting the camera button. Once you have taken a shot, select the best portion of the photo to crop to by moving the red selector frame. Hit the use button to add the new fabrics to your collection.
  • In any case, whether your device has a built-in camera or not, you can add fabrics from photos in your photo library. Once have chosen a photo, select the best portion of the photo to crop to by moving the red selector frame. Hit the use button to add the new fabrics to your collection.

The selection frame that allows you to select the desired part of the fabrics picture can be enlarged twice in both dimensions; it is particularly suited when you need to take shots of large print fabrics. With a small frame, the resulting image is smaller, but in order to keep a sharp good quality image, it is tiled 2×2 when drawn into the block. This goes unnoticed with plain fabrics, and elaborated blocks. But for large print fabrics, and especially with the blank block (that is, just one square), this creates a very busy image; for this case, use the large selector. You can also use this size to shot blocks you have already sawn, and draw the image into a Blank block. You switch between large and small size by tapping the + or – at the frame top left corner. Please be aware that using large size fabrics will use more space on your device, and slow down the image rendering – causing a delay when switching views.

Action menu

On each view in the application you can tap the action icon on the top toolbar to print, email, or save the current image to the photo album. These actions are only available for the quilt design and block design views. On both views, you can launch the quick startup guide, send us a request report, or send us a feedback.

Enjoy !