little news

Where did the autumn go ? Winter has come early and with it all the nice soups and stews. I have excuses not to go into the garden, too wet and too cold and stay inside and work on more projects. For us down under something for Christmas in July or just to be on time for Christmas. Also a nice little quilt (so far) in which we can use all those bits and pieces …. and it has been approved (the name of the expert is Olivia)




Pecking order

With spring in full bloom, summer just around the corner and those gorgeous new fabrics from Chez Moi it was to irresistible not  to make a quilt.

I am lucky to have five chickens and I love to observe their comportment, especially if you give them cooked spaghettis, good stress relief.

Hope you will enjoy  making your own chooks as much as I have.


Oh la la ! la France

This quilt has everything we like about France, food, fashion , art , poppies and the Eiffel Tower.

“Oh la la” patterns .This is a block of the month quilt,with eight patterns :

  • block one ” Oh la la ! … le café”
  • block two ” Oh la la ! … le Tour de France”
  • block three ” Oh la la ! … les peintres”
  • blocks four and six ” Oh la la ! … les fleurs de lys “
  • block five ” Oh la la ! … la Tour Eiffel “
  • block seven ” Oh la la !  … la Provence “
  • block eight  “Oh la la ! … la mode”
  • block nine ” Oh la la ! … les châteaux”
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