Hello all,

It feels like I have hibernating for a long time but in fact the fingers have been quite busy…. After the tremendous success of “Pêle-Mêle” and feeling like more clamshells I designed and nearly completed a second version in modern fabrics with new designs. The release of this new version will be at the Brisbane show in Octobre. And the name ( drumroll ) “Pêle-Mêle …. encore”.

I am now clamshelled out for a bit.

Other exciting news I will be back next year in Nantes at the salon “Pour l’Amour du Fil” with Quiltmania, translating and teaching 2 classes, I am looking forward to it. More details later.

And our bees are doing very well, we are about to put the super ( that’s where they can store honey) on the hive and let them do their magic….

Bonjour à toutes et tous,

J’ai l’impression d’avoir hiberné pendant longtemps mais en fait les doigts étaient fort occupés. Après l’immense succès de “Pêle-Mêle” et le désir d’en faire plus j’ai concocté et bientôt fini une deuxième version utilisant des tissus plus “modernes” et de nouveaux patrons. La sortie officielle de cette nouvelle version est le salon de Brisbane en octobre. Quant au nom ( roulement de tambour) “Pêle-mêle…. encore”.

Je pense avoir fait assez de clamshells pour un moment.

Autre nouvelle très excitante, je serais de retour l’année prochaine à Nantes au salon “Pour l’Amour du Fil” de Quiltmania pour des traductions et donner 2 cours, je me réjouis d’avance. Plus de détails dans un futur proche.

Et nos abeilles se portent très bien, nous sommes prêts à ajouter le super ( c’est là où elles gardent leurs réserves de miel) sur la ruche et après c’est aux abeilles à créer leur magie…..

Strawberries / fraises

The AQC quilt show is getting closer … time is running out, I am working night and day ( not quite) and the quilt will be ready. Thanks to some good friends ( Maureen, Laurine and Glenys) it has now a name which will be revealed in the next post. Some pictures while you wait ( shame you can’t have the scent of the strawberries !)



IMG_1281 IMG_1282 IMG_1283

Le salon des quilts AQC approche … le temps passe de plus en plus vite, je travaille nuit et jour (pas tout à fait) et mon prochain patron sera prêt. Grâce à des amies ( Maureen, Laurine et Glenys) il a maintenant un nom qui sera révélé la prochaine fois. Quelques photos pendant que vous attendez ( dommage que vous ne puissiez pas avoir l’odeur des fraises!)


Tomorrow is the first day at the AQC, and the first outing for my latest quilt and pattern “Isabelle”. Very exciting !



See you at the show….




Happy Feet

Well the AQC is over. It was so nice to hear all the wonderful comments about the quilts, in the exhibition and on the Needles and Pins stall. It gives you a boost to go a little bit further. And the feet are happy to stretch and walk properly again !

I know we are poor on time, we seems to struggle to find it . Please remember that some of the beautiful things in the world haven’t been made in one weekend…. It is not a race, take your time enjoy the journey not just the finishing line..



Le AQC est fini. C’était bien d’entendre tous ces merveilleux commentaires sur les quilts de l’exposition et ceux sur le stand de Needles and Pins. Cela donne un petit coup pour aller un peu plus loin. Et les pieds étaient ravis de pouvoir s’étirer et marcher comme il faut à nouveau.

Je sais que nous sommes tous pauvres en temps, on dirait que l’on se bat pour en trouver . N’oubliez pas que quelques unes de ces belles choses de part la monde n’ont pas été faites en un weekend… Ce n’est pas une course, appréciez le voyage, pas juste l’arrivée

A bientôt




Show and tell

Vic quilters show is over …. some lovely ideas, a lot of temptations and I loved the tea cosies, nearly started one ! It will have to wait. 

And I found some of the fabrics for the next big quilt. My fingers are itching to start but first things first I will finish my oriental quilt. I will keep you posted on that, it will give me an incentive.




little beauties

IMG_1445 (1)


Here is my nearly finished quilt which has been entered in the Vic Quilters Show this year in the category miniature. I thought that before I tackle a big New York Beauty quilt I better see if I like it. And as every year in my quilting group the Chris Kringle is a miniature I jumped on the opportunity. But after spending so much time on each circles I kept it ….. and I had to make another miniature quilt.

This one is 12,5 x 12,5  inches finished.

And I will make a big New York beauty.



Charlotte pattern

The AQC show is over but what a success. It was wonderful to be there and hear all the nice comments about Charlotte. There were even few jaws dropping … for us designers it is a great incentive. Thanks to all of you.

The pattern is currently available from Needles and Pins in Warrandyte  (see stockists) but I am looking for more retailers.charlotte 2It is back to the drawing board for me ( and the sewing machine) , I will keep you posted



P.S. you can go and have a look at the quilt in the shop  Needles and Pins in Warrandyte.


It has been a long time since the last news. But here it is, my latest pattern is on its way. The quilt is being quilted, I am writing the instructions and it will be released at the AQC Show in Melbourne on the 18th of April. I will be there too and hope to see some of you.

I will post a picture as soon as I have it back, but I can tell you now it was inspired by the King George coverlet , lots of circles, and a boutis from a wedding quilt of the same period. It is 2mt x 2mt ( I had to stop otherwise you would have a very large quilt), with a centre medallion and 24 circles. I am quite happy about it. I am looking forward to the comments.