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Tags: summer

Summer/ Eté

It has been quite a while since my last post. The garden has taken most of my time, between weeding and planting and of course the bees… It is a steep learning curve and fascinating. To my question will my bees swarm I had neither a yes or no and now I know why, basically… View more

4 seasons, 4 saisons

  I went down in the garden this morning to take some autumn pictures and I have 4 seasons for the price of one , quite amazing. Some reminiscence from summer, some fallen leaves ( right time) spring is already pointing its buds… just missing some heavy frost to complete the picture. But it does make the garden… View more

Pecking order

With spring in full bloom, summer just around the corner and those gorgeous new fabrics from Chez Moi it was to irresistible not  to make a quilt. I am lucky to have five chickens and I love to observe their comportment, especially if you give them cooked spaghettis, good stress relief. Hope you will enjoy… View more